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Free Cultural Programs

U aka ua, ola ka nohona o ka `āina kula (O.N. 2802)
The rain pours, life comes to the plants.

The Hawaiian culture, its language, traditions and values, holds the unique identity of the people. By participating in the activities of the culture, the community maintains its distinctive character and personality. Being shared amongst various members of a community, the culture is learned and passed on from the older generations to the newer ones, thereby keeping the culture alive and fresh. According to tradition, the kalo and ‘āina are the older siblings and the Hawaiian people are the younger siblings. It is up to the people to care for and to respect the kalo and ‘āina. Should the people follow and care for the kalo and ‘āina, it will in turn provide food, shelter, and all necessary things needed for life. Keiki O Ka Aina infuses the Hawaiian culture into all its programs, and several offer an extremely strong cultural connection.